Olympia, WA Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamond Jewelry Buyers

S’more Gold provides outstanding customer service and a high cash payout for your precious metal jewelry, gold plated and gold filled jewelry, costume and vintage jewelry, gold and silver coins, and sterling silver flatware and tea sets.  In addition to hosting a Home Party with your family and friends to earn a 10% hostess bonus (click HERE for more information), we also have a variety of options available for one of our gold buyers to meet with you and provide a free One on One Consultation to evaluate your jewelry and other items in the Olympia area. Call us  at 425-466-1211 or email us at smoregold@gmail.com today for more information.

We will spend time with you going over the evaluation process, step by step to make sure that you understand how we determine what we can pay for your items.  As our expert S’more Gold buyer helps you go through your jewelry and other items, we explain our evaluation process step by step. We use a rare earth magnet, a jeweler’s loupe, Arkansas stone and precious metal acids to evaluate and sort the jewelry into appropriate bowls labeled 8-24 karat gold, sterling, gold filled, gold plated and costume jewelry.  At the end of your consultation, our S’more Gold buyer will weigh the items on a scale approved by the U.S. Department of Weights and Measures and make a cash offer based on current market value for their items, which you are then free to accept or decline…there is never any pressure to sell!  Our primary goal is that our clients are satisfied, whether it be going home with cash in their wallets or leaving knowing the value of what they brought to us.

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425-466-1211 (cell/text) or email: smoregold@gmail.com